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Rava Veg Uttapam Recipe for breakfast

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how to make uttapam at home 

This is the recipe of uttapap  famus  of South Indian, but we can also eat it at breakfast, which is also very easy to cook and also very tasty in the food. You can serve it with chutney or souce and. We will tell about ingrediants.


1- bowl rawa/suji

1/2- bowl curd /dahi

2 – chopped onion

2 – chopped tomato

1- chopped capsicum

2- tsp –  chopped green chilli

1- chopped carret


1/2 – tsp- black peppar

2 – tbsp –  coriander leaves

2- tbsp – oil

3-cup water or some water if required

salt to taste

in a bowl

Now we will take a bowl and make all ingrediants add   in it and mix it.

add – rawa

add – curd & and mix

add- chopped onion

add – chopped tomato

add – chopped capsicum

add – peas

add – chopped  green chilli

add -chopped carret

add – black papper  powder

add – coriander leavs

add -salt to taste

add – water

and mix well

Mix the water in the batter as much as needed, the batter should be seen in the image as it is visible in the image, then the rest of the 20 to 15 minutes .

uttapam batter image

rest batter 15-20 minuteshttp://www.usalistingdirectory.com/

after 15-20 minutes & mix

make the uttapam

heat a pan 

We will pan some oil in it and then I will put the batter in a pan  as you have seen in the image.

add –  oil in a pan 1 – tsp –

add – batter in a heat pan

batter in pan image

and cook for 2 minutes

uttapam image

uttapam is reddy

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