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Potato Rava Finger Recipe | Healthy Snack For Kids

I am going to tell you the recipe of Rawa Patto Finger today, which is very healthy and the testy

that is very liked by the kids, which you can prepare in the children’s tiffin in the lunch and give easly .

This is a very healthy recipe for kids . I will guide you through the image. Please follow this recipe and if you do not understand anything then you can ask me in the comment.


1.rava  – 1/2 – cup curd  –  1/4 –  cup 

potato –  2 –  boiled & mashed 

green chilli –  2 – chopped 

ginger paste – 1/2  –  tsp 

chaat masala – 1/2 – tsp  

cumin powder – 1/2 – tsp 

black pepper powder – 1/2 –  tsp

salt to taste 

cron  flour – 1 – cup 

oil – 3 – tbsp 

direction  healthy snack for kids

Now add all  things in a bowl 

add – rava , add – curd , 

and mix well 

soak 10-15 minutes ,  soaked completely 

so add – mashed potato , add  – green chili , add chaat masala , 

add- ginger paste , add  black pepper , add – cumin powder 

add –  salt to taste and mix well  form dough 

I have mixed the potatoes well with rava and now it will make a dough, as I have shown in the image.

potato  and rava mix well  image

It is a dough which is made from the rava  and potatoes.

potato or rava of dough

Now, the  potato flour is ready now, we will make the small balls in size.

potato boll ready 

roll tp cylindrical shape and deep  to cron flour 

now heat a pan and add oil in a pan  

and deep fry and fry to medium flam 

As long As The Rava  Patato Finger Golden Brown and Crispi does not happen, fry it to low flam 

If you want bake so you for bake 

bake 180 c  for 20 minutes  

RAVA potato finger is ready 

rava Potato finger is  Ready  healthy snack for kids Crispy and tasty 

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