Homelunch dish south indian food Idli Recipe | Soft And Easy

Idli Recipe | Soft And Easy

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Idli is South Indian recipe; It is very famous  in South. It is very soft in the food; its color is white; Idli recipe is made from urad dal and rice and it is very easy to make and the pulse used in it Urad dal is used to make idli too many things are used .idli is eaten with sambhar and you can also make coconut chutney and whatever .i am going to tell you about it,it is quite  easy to use whatever things will be used .you will also find it very easily we are going to make idli and i will show you this also through the image ,then who will you understand  that i mean to you how i used to say that i have soacked the pulse . how long has soaked so long  .okay. okay lets make ,

Ingredients For Idli

In a bowl :

add – 2 – cup – urad dal

add – methi and seed

and add water

soak it overnight 

soak dal

Here you see urad pulse which I have kept soaked for the whole night, will go completely at night also,

In the morning we grinde  lentils in a mixer so that the batter will be ready

in a bowl :

add -3- bowl idli rice

add water and soak  it overnight


after overnight grind urad dal for idli  the  fine paste

add some water if need

and grind idli rice the fine paste

urad dal  and idli rice paste  mix well

keep the mixture overnight for fermentation

Idli grinded Idli rice in a mixer, after which we will mix both of them together and make a batter of good and then keep it for the whole night,

and add salt and mix 

Now we will prepare Idli stand and then add some oil to it and then batter in idli stand

and greece idli stand

fill idli past in idli stand

heat idli cooker  

Now we will prepare the idli cooker. Then put the idli stand in which we put the batter inside the cooker for a few minutes so that the steam will become Idli.

add idli stand in idli cooker

and cover  or cook for 8-10 minutes

soft idli is reddy

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