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Hydarabadi Biryani Recipe| Easy To Make


I am going to tell you today about Biryani recipes, which is very easy to make, which will be used to get you easily, and it is completely veg Biryani anyway, whatever veg recipes I post, only I Veg is starting you Biryani recipe, whatever I used to tell you, I am going to guide you through the image and you will also understand.Sometimes you do not understand anything inside my recipes or if there is a mistake, you can tell me in a comment and I can tell you anything in the comment. I will tell you, then in the first of all, I tell about these ingrediants

ingrediants-I’m going to tell you about the Ingrediants how to make step by step, I will guide you forward.

  1. water – 8- cup
  2. spices – bay leaf , cinnamon, cloves, pepper ,staer
  3. ghee- 3- tbsp
  4. oil – 5 – tbsp -oil
  5. basamati rise – 2- cup
  6. salt – 2 – tsp
  7. shahi jeera – 1 – tsp
  8. coriander leaves – 2 – tbsp
  9. chopped onion – 2
  10. fried onion – 3 tbsp
  11. ginger ,  garlic paste – 1 tbsp
  12. vegetable , chopped  carrot, chopped gobi , peas ,chopped potato, chopped beans,- total 1 – big bowl
  13. curd – 1 – cup
  14. red chilli powder -1 – tsp
  15. turmeric powder  – 1/2 tsp
  16. biryani masala – 2 – tbsp
  17. paneer cubes – 15-20
  18. saffron water – 3 – tbsp

Now I am going to tell you how Biryani is made with step by step with  image.


Boil the water 8 cup  in the cooker…….

heat cooker

Soak the rice for 20 minutes before you…….

add–basmati rise

add –  oil -2 -tsp

add –  salt –  1-tsp

add – spices – bay leaf , cinnamon, cloves, pepper ,star

add soaked rise in cooker

Then cover the cooker and let it cook for 10 minutes. and not fully cooked  only almost cooked

After 10 minutes remove the rice and let it cool down.

Now, we will prepare Biryani’s Gravy, then you will see how I have prepared and guide you along with the image.

Now we will heat a pan  and add some things to it.

add – 2 – tbsp oil

add – 1 -tbsp – ghee

add – spices – bay leaf ,  cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, star ,shahi jeera ,

and  truns aromatic 

add – chopped onion

and mix well  

add – garlic,  ginger paste ,  and mix

add  – vegetables

add vegetable in a pan

and mix  well 2 minuts  

add – curd

add – red chilli powder

add – turmeric powder

add – biryani masala

add – salt- 1 – tsp

add- coriander  leaves

mix well to low flame

add – water – 1 – cup

and cover to cooked 15-20 minutes  

after 15-20 minutes

add – paneer cubes

and biryani gravvy is reddy  

biryani gravvy reddy

The gravy has got ready, so now step by step gravy and rice we will put in a pen, I will tell you the following.

in a pan to biryani gravvy layer -1

then cooked rise -layer – 2

Put the frying onion over the rice. – 3 tbsp

And put coriander leaves

and add- saffron water -3tsp

add layer 2 cooked rise

and again biryani gravvy layer – 3

then cooked rise  -layer – 4

Put the frying onion over the rice. – 3 tbsp

And put coriander leaves

and add- saffron water -3tsp

add  biryani  masala -2-  pinch

add -1 – tsp ghee

and cover to seal wheat dough

and cooked 30 minutes

aftre 30 minutes remove seal

biryani is reddy

biryani is ready 

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